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Lab & Analytical Equipment

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EnCata provides a complete laboratory and analytical equipment design service, covering design concept development, CAD engineering, industrial design, PCB development, custom cloud & IoT software, and in-house rapid prototyping. As such devices are supplied in low production, we are, uniquely, offering in-house batch production service.

Lab Equipment

Medical Devices


Fourier Spectrometer

We designed and produced the Fourier Spectrometer prototype based on an existing research lab prototype made by the customer. EnCata’s role included industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering documentation, and a manufactured prototype.

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Result-driven and fast new product development + R&D service

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EnCata seamlessly integrates HARDWARE and SOFTWARE and provides talented people, latest tools, advanced manufacturing and industrial prototyping facilities as part of our continuous LEAN design process to transform your concept into a market-ready product.

Our experienced design engineers work side-by-side with electronics, manufacturing and software engineers as part of a complete in-house problem-solving team.

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