EnCata (Engineering Catalyst) is a one-stop engineering development consultancy with 200+ world class engineers and a fully equipped factory focused on product development, design engineering and prototype manufacturing.  

EnCata provides end-to-end   engineering services to help our  customers  complete the journey from a good idea through design and development to mass-production and market launch.   EnCata also helps companies manage a wide variety of challenges including  product lifecycle, technology transfer and commercial R&D.

Our story

Historically, the company founded in 2006 (special industrial equipment and electronic devices) which is now a legacy and it is obscured by the rapid growth of the engineering services business of EnCata.

EnCata was established in the dynamic tech hub of Minsk, by Belarus «Person of the Year for Industrial Innovation» (2016) Oleg Kondrashov. EnCata  has grown from a small and LEAN manufacturing business to the region’s leading full service engineering consultancy.

Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

Belarus was traditionally the engineering and manufacturing hub of the Soviet Union and the country’s wealth of world class engineering talent allows EnCata to help our clients  successfully develop cutting edge products in a range of fields including mechatronics and robotics, nanotechnology,  aerospace, smart agriculture, IoT, industrial automation, medical devices, consumer products and software solutions.

In December 2016, the Wall Street Journal published an article called “Belarus is emerging as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe,” highlighting the growing importance and influence of Belarus as a hi-tech and development center. There are currently 40’000+ Belarusian software engineers, and such popular applications as MSQRD, AIMATTER, Viber, Flo and World of Tanks originated in Belarus.

Our philosophy and core values

Our philosophy is built on the foundations of LEAN, TRIZ/TIPS methodology, Adizes’ theory of corporate lifecycle management and Six sigma strategies.

We see our work as a continuous process flow, which creates value for our customers. We intensively employ the elements of Toyota Production System (TPS), such as Kanban stock, project cells, manufacturing carts, ANDON system and Kanban offline boards.

We have implemented comprehensive standardised procedures that improve project management, engineering development and prototype manufacturing processes. And we use this ‘flow’ philosophy in our online CRM/ERP system.

We recognise that this world needs more engineers and with the relevant innovation infrastructure hotspots can emerge. At EnCata we want to make the  world a better place through  engineering and science.

We see our role as helping talented scientists and engineers develop groundbreaking inventions and incremental innovation.

EnCata believes in combining the forces of standardization and creativity to develop a constantly improving workflow, quickly providing our clients and partners with the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Work FLOW and
LEAN principles
Growing leaders within EnCata
Standardization and process optimisation (total Kaizen)
Adding value for clients
Uncertainty management
Maximising value withing EnCata's ecosystem

A milestone: EnCata TECHNOPARK

In 2018, EnCata completed in Minsk the construction of its new design engineering and manufacturing center, becoming the first private Technopark in Belarus. This status has provided EnCata significant tax and regulatory advantages whose benefits we pass  along to our customers.

In 2021 EnCata is set to expand it's Technopark by 5 times and offer space to both established and early stage innovative hardware, IoT and tough-tech startups and SMBs.

Hackerspace "MakeIT Center"

Working with startup companies for the past years, we at EnCata have realised the importance of a maker space for hardware startups, to build their own mock-ups and POC prototypes. We thus created our own MAKEIT CENTER in an equipped underground bunker adjacent to our design and manufacturing facilities.

This ‘fablab’ has now become an essential part of the engineering startup ecosystem, allowing promising young companies to develop their raw ideas in a fast and cost efficient way. The hackerspace is also a great training ground for junior engineers joining EnCata.EnCata has now created a MAKEIT Center franchise and we are in discussions to help various universities, accelerators and incubators establish their own MAKEIT centers to serve their ecosystems.

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Government /NGO/ University consultancy

During the past 5 years, we have had  extensive experience creating a deep-tech startup ecosystem by working with hardware and startups in product  innovation and technology transfer. We are now sharing this experience with others as we work with governments, municipalities, universities and NGO’s to help establish deep-tech startup ecosystems throughout the world.

EnCata is involved in UNDP &EU entrepreneurship SME development program, Eastern Partnership program events (EU commission), Beyond the known program (GIZ and German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation) and many others.


EnCata is now expanding its presence to Northern and Western Europe and North America. We currently have representative offices 6 countries, including Boston in the United States and Brussels,
Prague and Tallinn in the EU.

Wearecommited to continue to help hardware and deep-tech startups and develop innovation ecosystem both in Eastern Europe and internationally.

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