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EnCata builds products for actual manufacturing facilities using Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA). We will consider your production capability or create according to the technological process of your prospective contractors.

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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

DFM and DFA are relevant for any company, be it a startup or a large scale business. In DFMA we aim at refining product’s design for further manufacture and assembly. In doing so, we reduce your costs, hasten time to market, and raise the quality of your products. We have been developing and launching new products for more than 10 years, gaining expertise along the way and improving our DFM and DFA capabilities. Our primary concern is the commercial prosperity of our customers' businesses.

We optimize industrial processes

We will analyze and refine your production lines to boost output and product quality.

We hasten time to market

We will refine your product’s design, streamline production cycle and reduce the time spent on product testing

We optimize design

We will optimize the design without changing the product's functionality to reduce time to market and investment in production. We better product design according to your technological process.

We run computer simulations before kick-starting production

This will allow you to see through your industrial processes and optimize the production lines just before launching production. We will help you reduce risks and enhance your product’s quality.

Product Development Technology Stack

3D Modelling and Assembling
3D CAD Design & Modeling

Injection molding
Vacuum forming


BOM Development
2D drawings and engineering documentation

Laser cutting
CNC machining
Welded metal structures
Sheet metal

PCB board design: Analog, digital, optical, and RF design

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Our development cycle

1. Requirements elicitation. We determine the requirements for the product's functionality, quality, design, and other parameters.

2. Production capability study. We analyze your production capabilities, as well as the limitations on production that may have an impact on the design process.

3. Calculation of the production costs. We evaluate your product's manufacturing costs and put them up against those of the competitors. We determine how effective the project will be in comparison with existing analogues on the market. We develop the product while keeping competitors’ prices in mind.

4. Product design. We refine the product’s design, taking into account production capabilities and constraints, as well as product requirements and production costs.

5. Requirements compliance check. To check the product for its quality, functionality, and design, we create prototypes. If the product doesn't satisfy the requirements, we redo the tests and make additional changes.

6. Mass production preparation and production support. At this stage, we prepare the design and technological documentation for product manufacturing, develop the tooling and transfer all the data to the manufacturer. In case of mass production, we support the process by quickly making changes to the product/equipment if necessary.



We have deep experience

We have a 1000 square meter pilot production facility of our own which enables us to create products that take into consideration the hands-on experience of manufacturing facilities. Our mechanical engineers and technologists have deep experience in injection molding machines and 5-axis milling work.


Tested design process and milestones

We understand how a good-quality DFM benefits a company because we manufacture our own industrial equipment. Our expertise will enable you to introduce a high-quality, financially viable product to the market more quickly and for less money.


All-in-house services

At EnCata, you’ll find a well-coordinated team of mechanical and electronics engineering, technologists, procurement specialists, project managers and well-tuned production facilities. There is no need to interact with multiple outsourcers. We are accountable for the project on every level.

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