Industrial IoT and Automation

Qualitative leap within Industry 4.0

The main distinguishing feature of IIoT is the intersection of information technology (IT) and operational technologies (ОТ). A few examples of current and future IIoT technologies and concepts are the following. Digital twins are computer models of an object, such as a machine, a human organ, or a process, such as the weather. By studying the counterpart's behavior, it is possible to understand and predict the behavior of the actual object and solve problems before they occur. Electronic Logging Device (ELD) - built-in sensors monitor speed, driving time, and how often individual drivers use the brakes. ELD saves fuel, improves driver safety, and increases resource efficiency. Intelligent computing systems outside the data center are systems where data is generated, analyzed, interpreted, and used. Using innovative technology means faster analysis and reduced data interception or steal risks. Predictive maintenance is a system that receives data from a machine or component with sensors. The device collects and transmits the data to the remote server. Then the system analyses that data and stores it in a database. This database provides comparison points for events as they occur. This system eliminates unnecessary maintenance and prevents failures. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology includes tags and readers, such as an intelligent version of barcode technology. Readers can identify RFID tags using radio waves, which means that multiple devices can read tags over longer distances than traditional UPCs. As a result, RFID tags make it easy to track and monitor any items. IIoT does not replases but supports automation solutions.

For Enterprises

  1. R&D + design + manufacturing under ONE roof
  2. Scale up and down your team
  3. Intergrated hardware + software development
  4. New technologies and research

For Startups

  • MVP and POC prototypes
  • Affordable consultancy rates
  • All IP is yours
  • In-house batch production

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EnCata competence and knowledge in Industry 4.0

Startups, SMEs, and corporations are involved in developing new IoT products. EnCata assists them along the go-to-market way. Manufacturing is an industry where EnCata implements most IIoT-based solutions. We developed IIoT-enabled machines that can monitor their status and anticipate possible problems. A supply chain is another field of our interest. We worked on sensor-enabled inventory management and warehouse robots. These solutions reduce unnecessary production, ensure that items in demand are always available, and free up staff to take on other tasks.Our team has deep experience in building management with IIoT technologies: climate sensors and control, entrance monitoring, and security.

EnCata's key services in the industry

Hardware Development

Mechanical Engineering

Firmware Development

Electrical Engineering

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