Grain temperature monitoring system

A new design temperature transducer for grain crops and vegetable warehouses.






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Project duration:

2 months


The problem with temperature monitoring and control in the bulk of stored vegetables and grain crops is common for the farming sector. Farmers and wholesalers need to precisely measure the temperature of the stored crops, piled, or siloed at the premise because it impacts its quality, shelf life, and price. 

In this project, we were solving the particular problem of a large agricultural company, providing them with the temperature control solution in the form of the temperature transducer device.

Our Role

  • R&D 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics development
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Batch production

Technologies Used



Custom temperature sensor

Custom temperature sensor

CNC lathe/milling

CNC lathe/milling

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Approach & Solution

Current temperature monitoring technologies for agriculture rely on sophisticated multiple transducers physically wired onto a router, which complicates its use. 

EnCata devised a solution based on an RS-485 communication port designated for remote monitoring. Data transfer at the measuring sensor was realized via optically-isolated interface RS-485. This solution enables multiple transducers to be organized in a network.

RS-485 communication

The mechanical design comprised a spear-like sensor with a sealed metallic enclosure at its other end - all made from stainless steel.

Such a design has the following advantages:

In the first design iteration, we delivered 5 prototypes and tested them on site. And with the complete documentation package, we produced a batch of 200.

design iteration

Results and Benefits

EnCata developed a simple and flexible sensor solution for our client to monitor grain temperature.

5 proto

were tested and delivered

200 units

of temperature transducers were produced as a batch

2 mo

took to manufacture the batch

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