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Each manufacturing company is unique, even if it applies commonly known technologies. Therefore, industrial machines and equipment development is characterized by various possible solutions because they are related to each company's technical and business objectives. Depending on the business need, the development of small machines can facilitate manual labor and industrial components and tools for industrial purposes. In addition, industry trends such as automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, network communications, machine learning, and cloud computing provide advanced and breakthrough solutions for industrial equipment. With them, hardware products become more flexible and adaptable to the specific business.

For Enterprises

  1. R&D + design + manufacturing under ONE roof
  2. Scale up and down your team
  3. Intergrated hardware + software development
  4. New technologies and research

For Startups

  • MVP and POC prototypes
  • Affordable consultancy rates
  • All IP is yours
  • In-house batch production

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Encata helps Clients combine cutting-edge technologies and product functionality

If your company has a non-standard request from your customers, you most likely need unique equipment. In such cases, design and manufacturing require a lot of communication and an iterative approach to test hypotheses. Manufacturers of standard industrial equipment may not be willing to change their production processes to make a one-of-a-kind machine for you. These types of not common tasks are typical for EnCata. The process is more important than the design object in this case. The upgrade of existing equipment is a frequent situation for our SME clients. They already have equipment that works well but needs improvement: process data collection, robotization, automation, integration with other equipment into one system. Customers understand that it is not always reasonable to throw out an old production line and buy a new one for only one or two additional features. EnCata can help with the integration of improvements to the existing production chain. We also develop equipment for innovative production processes. In this case, we focus on the development and simulations of the core process unit. The other systems are assembled from standard elements to reduce costs and development risks.

Encata's key services in the industry

Hardware Development

Mechanical Engineering

Firmware Development

Electrical Engineering


Rapid Prototyping

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