Computer simulations services

EnCata offers FEA and CFD simulation services. We run computer simulations while designing or testing a new product. Our computer simulation engineers are experts at carrying out tasks related to liquid and gas movement, heat and mass transfer, solid deformation, acoustics, and many more.

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Computer modeling saves time and money

EnCata's CFD and FEA engineering services will allow for quick and financially wise testing of new design ideas, running of comparative analysis and implementation of technical refinements for the existing concepts. You can prevent unintended costs and losses throughout the entire product development life cycle by getting the FEA and CFD simulations consulting services from EnCata. You won't have to develop and destroy dozens of prototypes to test engineering solutions. By using finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics, we define what and why will happen to the product in completely different scenarios. These might include situations like dropping an entirely new product on the ground, heating something to an extreme temperature, or having an earthquake shake a new building.

EnCata offers CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) services. We have completed 350+ projects with clients from 20+ industries and in most of them finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics have enabled us to save our customers' time and money.



Air Filtration and Purification Equipment

Medical Equipment

Heavy Industry


Deep Tech & Science

Production Lines



Consumer and Wearable Devices

Technology Stack

Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD):

Gas Dynamics Simulations of combustion chambers, furnaces, burners, etc.
Acoustics Analysis
Hydrodynamic analysis of structures

Finite Element Analysis (FEA):

Analysis of Stresses and Deformations in the Product
Analysis of Strength and Rigidity of the Structure
Modal Analysis
Thermal Calculations of Systems

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Cycle of computer simulations

At EnCata, computer simulations take place in the following steps:

1. Developing a three-dimensional model of the object for the calculation.

2. Splitting the model into a finite element grid.

3. Setting boundary values.

4. Running a FEA or CFD simulation.

5. Analyzing the results.

6. Optimizing and refining the original model (if necessary).



Our team has experience in simulating the most challenging cases

You'll have access to a research supercomputer, which allows us to simulate the most complicated processes in ways that aren't possible on a regular PC.


High accuracy results

We'll use the most cutting-edge software and hardware to work on your project. Thus, the deviation rates of simulation results from actual tests will be in the range of no more than 2-5%.


We can employ any material while running simulations

We will test your material in a study lab to find out how it will be used in simulations, provided the characteristics are not already listed in the database.

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