Educational platform MakeIT School

MakeIT School is an educational platform for schools designed to popularize engineering among the youth by making learning the basics of design and prototyping feasible for aspiring engineers and high-school students.


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Project duration:

4 mounth

Educational platform MakeIT School


The growing hi-tech industry requires qualified staff and new educational approaches since old methods of fundamental science do not allow the effective studying of new subjects.

STEM education combined with entrepreneurial education is at the core of a sustainable innovation economy. We recognize at EnCata that in order to effectively teach STEM and encourage innovation, schools must have facilities, curriculum and tools to teach students that STEM is fun and leads to a successful career in the hi-tech sector. 

The major challenges we faced were:

  • Adapting production disciplines for high school students to encourage them to learn courses in a playful way.
  • Filling the gap in missing knowledge in mechanical engineering so students could proceed with basic prototyping.
  • Designing workspaces in classes and developing educational programs to correspond with strict state regulations to ensure a safe environment while children take prototyping courses.

Our Role

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Custom Software Development
  • Hardware Product Development
  • Concept Development of Training Model
  • Internal Training Software Systems Development (Prototyping Training Module, 3D Modeling Training Module, Project Management Training Module)
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Custom Electronics Development
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Prototyping Equipment Installation

Technologies Used

Engineering R&D

Engineering R&D

MySQL Database

MySQL Database



Onboard Wi-Fi

Onboard Wi-Fi

CAD Design

CAD Design

3D Printing

3D Printing

Kanban management system

LEAN manufacturing

LEAN manufacturing

STEM education

STEM education

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Approach & Solution

With a long-term goal, 2 years ago EnCata started developing an educational platform for schools called MakeIT School which was designed to make  tutorials, videos, books and materials available to educators and students and provide a venue for STEM enthusiasts to connect with teachers and share additional curriculum and ideas for fun experiments. Now we’re looking to expand this model worldwide.

MakeIT School is the equipped classes for use in schools, a simpler version of a dedicated fablab MakeIT Center for hardware startups to engineer and develop both early stage mock-ups, proof-of-concept (POC), and industrial grade prototypes. The first MakeIT School was opened in Minsk at Lyceum of Belarusian State University -the first engineering school in Belarus- in Dec 2019. It is a specialized prototyping shop where aspiring engineers, students and enthusiasts can try their hand and put together their own hardware project. The classes have 3D printers and other tools for prototyping. The process is fully organized by the Kanban software system based on the Lean manufacturing approach. The tools are stored on a board using the 5S system.

The system is connected to the central fab lab MakeIT Center via a cloud platform. Moreover, we designed a special training system for both teachers and students so they can work together from the ‘good idea’ stage all the way to a fully prototyped product in an ‘ongoing client project’ form, e.g. students can create a prototype of some robot just like that robot would be designed in a real engineering center by experienced professionals. MakeIT School also hosts various master classes, lectures and meetups. 

Thus, MakeIT School is literally the IoT-based box solution for STEM education with the following:

With MakeIT School, high-school students will learn such practical technical subjects as:

  1. Project management intro,
  2. 2D drafting and 3D CAD modeling,
  3. 3D printing,
  4. Electronics and controller programming,
  5. Prototyping,
  6. The basics of Lean manufacturing
two 3D printers for self-prototyping

The current educational platform has courses adapted to youth for easier understanding in 2 languages (Russian and English) on the following:

We believe  that MakeIT Center is a unique solution which is now available to schools and we hope to share it on a global scale. MakeIT School classrooms will be built on the model of EnCata’s MakeIT Centers

We are planning to develop the MakeIT School concept further and make the educational platform more engaging, powerful and connected for the international educational community. We believe MakeIT Centers that will be open in different countries will unite regions and will lay a foundation for further contact and development between the regions.

Results and Benefits

The Lyceum got the educational platform and prototyping shop in one box where high-school students can complete their journeys from an idea through design and development to fully baked prototypes. EnCata plans to set up a few MakeIT Schools around the world and is in discussions with various educational institutions and private companies engaged in this sector.

2 schools

based on the MakeIT School concept are about to open their doors to students in Australia and the US.


high-school students have happily completed the MakeIT School engineering educational program.

70 h.

is the longest practical training course on 3D printing and CAD modeling in the entire educational program.

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