Self-managed cold electronic storage for digital assets custody

The Piston Vault is secure electronic custody safe for Spark™ wallets. The safe design provides storage and reliable connectivity, ready to control and execute blockchain-enabled safe transactions.






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Project duration:

4 months

Self-managed cold electronic storage for digital assets custody


 The main challenges on the project were:

  1. Short time
  2. A large number of components and materials for purchase
  3. Integration of the work of 3 teams from different countries

Deadlines were the main challenge for the project and EnCata delivered its part (engineering design and prototype) within just 3.5 months.

Our Role

  1. Concept development
  2. Design engineering
  3. Prototype manufacturing
  4. Electrical design consultancy

Technologies Used

CAD design engineering

CAD design engineering

Triplex curved glass

Triplex curved glass

CNC milling & lathe

CNC milling & lathe

BOM development

BOM development

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Approach & Solution

The project was started from technical concept development, based on the prior work delivered to the customer by a freelance engineer. EnCata lead design engineers created the product around the unique product appearance conceived by the customer but redesigned the internal structure and modules arrangement. 

While developing the hardware safe case prototype, several alterations (as part of the DFM and DFA) were incorporated to make the Piston Vault easier to assemble and operate and reduce the cost of production. 

The deadlines on this project were extremely tough. So the complex component procurement was done in parallel with the prototype manufacturing. Delays in deliveries seriously shifted the production schedule, so our purchaser worked out the least risky supply options. The components were purchased from the USA, Italy, Russia, China, UK, Belarus.

During the production phase, the EnCata team was tasked with assembling a prototype based on the results of the development of the other two teams (designing electronics and a robotic ring part). So cross-country and inter-team interactions were an addition to the tight product development schedules. The two teams working on two separate essential modules were developing their parts concurrently, providing their results to EnCata for integration in the prototype assembly in CAD, in product documentation, and as part of the physical prototype. 

The production of the Piston Cylinder started from the module hosting all the electronics and Spark™ hardware wallets. The module was designed so that it could be installed in a ready-made Piston Cylinder. With strict deadlines, we decided to start assembling the electrics even before we started milling the body parts. Although this decision possessed a risk, it allowed reducing the project duration by 1.5 months.

Despite the conditions of the deadline for completion, the timing of the procurement of components, and the need for interaction between three international teams, the customer was satisfied and received the finished project in just 4 months.

Technical concept development is a crucial part of any hardware product development. It entails the preliminary CAD design of the whole system/product. In this project, сhanges of the initial concept enabled us to shorten project time by 30%. By enclosing electrical modules in separate units, the project duration saved the client 1.5 calendar months important for product delivery.

Results and Benefits

EnCata delivered the hardware design of the safe Piston Cylinder™ containing 32 Piston Valve™ systems, connected to 8194 Spark™ hardware self-custody wallets. Overall, steel-clad Piston Cylinders ™ have multiple security features designed to prevent unauthorized access to Spark™ wallets. 

The project design is a unique combination of hardware and blockchain technologies bringing transaction and electronic signature security to a new level. 

The 600 kg prototype was designed, produced and assembled in EnCata, packed, and shipped to Singapore. Our work allowed the client to successfully showcase his solution at a conference and to continue work with embedded software.

600 kg

prototype all steel and bullet-proof glass


Spark™ hardware wallets incorporated in our design

4 mo

the project took from preliminary concept stage to design and manufacture EVT prototype in EnCata.

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