Cuby House construction technology

EnCata invented and developed a new technology - CUBY CONSTRUCTION. It allows large-scale rapid housing development and modular architecture with repeatable manufacturing quality, comfort and low cost.






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Project duration:

30 months


Current construction process is highly dependent on labor quality and costs. Additionally, house project development is plagued with logistical delays and bottlenecks, which requires additional time and  expenditures. The common house design and development is essentially an artisan process craving technology innovation and still allows a great room for house customization.

Another problem that the construction industry experiences is reproducibility. Simply put, the two identical design houses built by the side will have distinct discrepancies.

Modern modular construction technology only partially solves the above challenges. 

EnCata’s engineering R&D team, while developing the CUBY CONSTRUCTION technology, faced a number of the following challenges and technical contradictions:

  • High precision parts manufacturing (e.g. columns, beams), which is uncommon in the construction sector.
  • Designing a light-weight roof and floor structures, while ensuring good tensile strength and stiffness.
  • Effective drainage from a flat roof.
  • Conventional decoration materials and technologies are unsuitable for modular construction in a factory environment.
  • Smart house IoT devices, HVAC ducts, sewer and water pipes should be pre-fabricated and come as parts of the construction module.

Our Role

  • New construction technology development
  • Architecture design
  • Structural and seismic simulations
  • Thermophysics and insulation simulations
  • HVAC development
  • CFD and airflow computer simulations
  • Engineering R&D
  • CAD development
  • Electrical engineering
  • Custom tooling and industrial Jig development
  • Modules prototyping
  • IoT development (smart house)
  • Smart home IoT firmware development
  • Custom software development
  • Prototype construction & development

Technologies Used

CUBY modular construction technology

CUBY modular construction technology

LoRA Wan

LoRA Wan





Plasma metal cutting CNC

Plasma metal cutting CNC

Laser cutting CNC

Laser cutting CNC

Metal bending CNC

Metal bending CNC

Cable management

Cable management

FEA/FEM analysis

FEA/FEM analysis

CFD simulations

CFD simulations



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Approach & Solution

The new construction technology developed by EnCata’s engineers requires very little effort from both the architect's standpoint and needs no ancillary construction resources in the field.

The developed concept revolved around the paradigm to enable a Mobile Manufacturing Plants (“Cells”) to deploy in the proximity of a construction site.

Manufacturing house modules with jigs reduce tooling and labor costs incurred. Any construction project, embracing modular design saves time and costs for the transport and installation of individual building elements.

Such a shift from conventional "megafactories” with large fixed overheads and logistics challenges can be enabled by using new design and innovation management practices. In the CUBY project we build the whole concept around the LEAN manufacturing approach, borrowed from the automotive industry. It shares common characteristics and practices, such as:

The technology combines custom hardware modules with construction design software (an artificial intelligence (AI)

and a custom self-learning neural network that helps the design, construction and operation process. These modules embed a series of standardized pre-manufactured elements and sub-assemblies that are put together as LEGO blocks.

COBY Module components include:

1. external and internal walls

2. floor / ceiling cassettes

3. communication infrastructure

4. bathroom and kitchen units

5. water and sewage pipes

6. electrics

7. exterior and interior decor

Such design allows these modules to be rapidly assembled on the construction site as a ‘kit’, decreasing labor input by around 60%.

The CUBY Light technology is ideal for the implementation of large neighborhood housing programs and for solving housing shortages quickly and affordably. Using the “factory on the wheels” paradigm one can produce a ready-to-install solution on site, outperforming traditional design and construction approaches time-wise, cost-wise and quality-wise.

The CUBY ‘house kit’ consists of a durable metal frame, which is completely encapsulated in a thermally insulated cassette of PIR panels. The floor infill slabs are made of wooden panels with the required sound insulation and structural performance. The engineering development fully complies with EU quality standards.

EnCata’s design also significantly reduced the construction cost for the client due to the manufacturing production model being deployed for these house-building elements harnessing standardization (although still capable of some external and internal customization) and with the added benefit of a constant factory quality being achieved.

The CUBY CONSTRUCTION technology brings a number of benefits and innovation:

Results and Benefits

EnCata’s design engineering and R&D team developed a new construction technology. The project started from the concept development, followed by engineering R&D, extensive computer simulations, and parts/modules prototyping. 

The project covered various aspects of civil and mechanical engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), structural performance of materials and design for manufacturing. As a result, a huge chunk of patentable IP (intellectual property) was generated for the client and a 2100 square foot (200 square meters) family house was built as a technology prototype/demonstrator. 

This prototype enabled extensive testing of various parts, modules and concepts for modular CUBY CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY.

30 months

took the engineer to develop the technology and POC house prototype


saving on labor costs in house manufacturing & construction

15 patents

filed as a result of this project

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