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Healthcare is an example of a fast-growing and dynamic industry that absorbs new technologies and digitilizes rapidly. The development and use of innovative methods are beneficial clinically and economically. Thus, the introduction of modern technology into the daily doctors’ practice ensures faultless diagnosis of patients, enables equipment to produce results with high accuracy, and makes medical care more accessible and responsive.

For Enterprises

  1. R&D + design + manufacturing under ONE roof
  2. Scale up and down your team
  3. Intergrated hardware + software development
  4. New technologies and research

For Startups

  • MVP and POC prototypes
  • Affordable consultancy rates
  • All IP is yours
  • In-house batch production

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EnCata helps to strengthen the value of products

We understand that modern technology in medicine can improve research results and reduce costs. Unlike other areas, the healthcare industry does have more stringent requirements on product manufacturing. Certification of the medical device could be very long and stressful for the product owners. EnCata is aware of this and has acquired the expertise required to design medical devices, build hardware and software, and support clinical research. We can streamline the development of client’s solutions related to telemedicine, healthcare management, lab testing. These solutions help to balance workloads and optimize the work of medical personnel.

EnCata's key services in the industry

Hardware Development

Industrial Design

Low volume Manufacturing

Manufacturing Support & Sourcing

Firmware Development

Electrical Engineering

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