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Industries we serve

Vouchers grant system

A blockchain-based asset control solution organising and coordinating three-party (donor – service provider – end customer) contractual engagements. Vouchers system incorporates smartcontracts and automates document flow, reducing overheads for all the parties involved.


Drone Station

A hangar for the drone on autonomous control with a built-in charging system. Equipped with a positioning system. Access to Wi-Fi is required to use the device. The roof system opens when the drone takes off and closes after the drone leaves the station.


AI-powered 5S board

5S tool boards empowered with machine vision AI neural network to control tool availability, such that no item can be check-out or missed from its place in a workshop. The software solution is spun to other industries requiring object recognition on-a-fly.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Partnership opportunities

For Startups and spin-offs

We understand the challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face. Our flexible business model and end-to-end services help startups to timely achieve their goals at early stages (even with with friends&family and angel funding).

FOr Enterprises

Gain access to the cutting edge technologies and talent pool via EnCata. We act as your extended R&D engineering team which helps you to stay ahead of the curve and focus on your core activities.

Strategic partnership

Explore various partnership opportunities with EnCata

For Academia

Let’s translate your ground-breaking research into a marketable product

For Accelerators and Incubators

Catalyze your startup’s engineering development in partnership with EnCata

For Investors And VCs

Get your best deal flow via EnCata & catalyze your time-to-market speed

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