Aerocapsule for noise-insulation in the crowded places

AeroCapsule is a soundproof booth for meetings, time-off and secluded work in public areas. It is designed for use in locations with variable ambient noise loads, such as manufacturing facilities, offices, airports and other overcrowded areas.



PPE & Air Purification

Smart Manufacturing



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Project duration:

12 months

Aerocapsule for noise-insulation in the crowded places


High levels of CO2 inside the booth

There is a steady build-up of CO2 in the booth because the user is constantly in a closed space. A sufficient supply of fresh air had to be ensured in order to reduce CO2 levels to sanitary standards.

Uncomfortably high temperature inside the booth. 

The comfortable temperature for a user to stay inside is estimated to be below 18°C. However, upon developing the project, we detected a rapid temperature rise (up to 24°C) with the user inside. This makes exploiting the product less congenial. To solve the problem, we considered cold air supply. Yet, this delivery method proved to be both energy-intensive and distracting.

Noise insulation

The recommended noise levels for operation should not exceed 10dB, according to sanitary requirements. Because the booth is intended for usage in public settings with high levels of noise (40dB and higher) and is primarily composed of metallic materials, maintaining a reasonable amount of soundproofing appeared to be a challenge.

Our Role

Mechanical Engineering

Requirements Analysis

Engineering R&D

Concept Development

Industrial Design

2D Drafting

3D Modeling

Computer Simulations

Hardware Product Development

Custom Software Development

Embedded Systems Development

POC assembly and prototype

Low Volume Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Technical Support

Technologies Used

Polymer coating
CNC bending

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Approach & Solution

Using specialized software, we carried out a computer simulation of the airflow in the booth to minimize the CO2 level inside. Additional experiments were also conducted using a smoke generator of different densities. All this helped determine the best location, quantity, and type of fans to ensure a person's comfort and maximum CO2 removal from the booth.

The AeroCapsule employs a mix of ecologically friendly soundproofing and sealing materials to achieve the desired soundproofing performance. In developing the project, we added damping pads in the contact areas of metal elements to reach the necessary level of noise-insulation. These pads fulfilled the vibration-damping and noise-absorbing functions.

Thus, the required result was obtained: the noise level inside the capsule did not exceed 10dB. 

In the process of AeroCapsule development, we had to strike a compromise between the CO2 concentration inside the booth and noise levels coming from the ventilation system. During testing and development, the engineers assumed that it was the air quality of the area where the user stays, and not of the entire capsule, that was of fundamental importance.
As a result, a small fan that is located directly under the workstation and delivers fresh air directly to the breathing zone of the user has been employed. Its small size allows it to avoid considerable noise.

Lowering CO2 levels in the booth immediately helped to address the issue of an uncomfortable stay within the capsule by ensuring adequate air circulation and a comfortable temperature.

The booth is designed to be easily assembled and transported. The AeroCapsule is fully equipped with electrical, ventilation and air filtration systems, lighting and high-speed internet access. 

The outer walls of the booth can place advertisement banners. Inside the product, there is an ergonomic workspace for 1 or 2 people, with:

Aerocapsule, Construction Technology, Firmware

Booths that are installed in public places are equipped with an access system controlled via Wi-Fi connection. It allows the user to book an AeroCapsule beforehand on a paid basis. An alternative access method has also been developed. It makes it possible for the user to utilize an external keypad to enter the final four digits of the phone number used to get access in case he/ she forgets the mobile phone inside the booth.

The AeroCapcule allows the user to turn on or off the tinting of the transparent elements of the capsule.

AeroCapsule incorporates a number of features that are required by the majority of IoT fixed installations. These features are: GSM telemetry transmission, system status monitoring, actuator and lightning control, etc. The components required to accomplish the functionality were not expensive. It enabled us to create a smart control board whose hardware is universal. Custom firmware allows you to add or remove functionality, as well as use the board in other devices. To see how the board has been implemented into the Gate0-project

CAN bus has been used to increase the flexibility of the system and the possibility of upgrading without having to modify the existing solution. Any additional device can be connected or removed from the system, without causing any damage to the required functionality.

The intelligent control system of the soundproof booth has a distinctive place in the project, with the following primary components and functions:

Aerocapsule, PPE & Air Purification Equipment

The smart board with integrated software is an important part of the control system. It allows you to connect all the components of the booth to the system's server. The built-in software of the smart board enables the user to:

Results and Benefits

5600 h

required for the engineers to develop the idea into the final product


reduction of the CO2 level in the booth, with the user inside the capsule and no extra-noise generated.


the noise level maintained inside the capsule, with an external noise background of 50 dB

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