Strategic Partnership

EnCata is proud of its track record in structuring win-win partnerships with scientists, entrepreneurs, universities, governments, corporations, private & institutional sources of capital. EnCata has created a transparent collaborative community that benefits all its stakeholders.

For Academia and R&D labs

Academia and RnD labs

Intrinsically, EnCata has a particular focus on deep-tech and science. We are different to most of the players on the market as we have a significat proportion of our staff are trained scientists (hold MSc or PhD degrees). A large proportion of our work is dedicated to technology transfer from labs and new product development and desgin of marketable products.

  • We bring your revolutionary technologies and years of academic research to real applications.
  • We guard and legally protect your intellectual property.
  • We help monetising your invention and turn it into a product that market wants.
  • We work collaboratively to improve upon the original concept to align it with market needs.
  • We help integrate your invention with other technologies to add value to an end user.
  • We engage strategic industry partners early in the development process to tap human capital and financial resources.

For Finance and investment partners

Finance and investment partners

We provide VC investors with invaluable advice and a 'background due dill process' thereby securing and protecting their investments. EnCata has developed and implemented proven methods of search, selection, incubation and growth of "hi-tech startups". Our Engineering Catalyst service is a lot more than just engineering design, manufacuring and software development - we know how to structure "win-win-win" partnerships.

  • We provide you with a sustainable deal flow.
  • EnCata helps to reduce burn rate of your portfolio startups and companies.
  • With us your portfolio companies get faster and higher ROI on product development.
  • Our consultancy, services and network offer you flexibility and diversification of revenue streams for your portfolio companies.
  • We protect and diligently oversee startup lifecycle so you ivest your capital more efficiently.
  • Your startups get 30-50% reduction in time-to-market with EnCata service.
  • Multifaceted human resource in various domains of science and technology.

For Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and Incubators

Unfortunately, most great or even brilliant new ideas in hi-tech sector fail long before they reach the market. It is extremely challenging for inexperienced startup teams to excel in the very specific manufacturing and business processes required to turn an idea into a product. EnCata has spent over 5 years working with hardware and IoT startups and provides them with comprehensive support and facilities to guide and catalyze a product from an initial concept to international sales.

  • Your startups gain access to breadth of our expertise, technology stack and top notch prototyping facilities and hackerspaces.
  • We support and partner with the individual startup prior to or after investment round.
  • EnCata provides access to all our technology and startups pipeline.
  • We nurture and incubate your startups throughout technology and product engineering process from the early stages of the development.
  • Startups from partner accelerators and incubators get discounted rates for engineering consultancy
  • Startups get free access to EnCata's fablab/hackerspace MakeIT Center

Commerce departments and Industry associations

Commerce departments and Industry associations

Engineering Catalyst offers a wholistic solution for industry accociations and its members by leveraging EnCata's expertise, experience and access to a wide range of cutting edge technologies and development programs.

  • Introduction of revolutionary and disruptive technologies to the members.
  • Access to the major talent pool of scientists, engineers, developers representing a wide range of industry domains.
  • Help with technology transfer and licensing.
  • Industry syndication to solve a major problem for the industry or individual niches within the industry.
  • Industry syndication to solve a major problem for the industry or individual niches within the industry.
  • Strategic partnership with association or individual member to bring product, service, technology to market.
  • Helping traditional industries to evolve and prosper through digital transformation and accelarated innovation development partnerships

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