Analytical & Lab equipment

Importance of R&D for Analytical & Lab equipment

Analytical lab equipment includes a wide range of tools to analyze materials and define the properties of technical systems. Due to the rapid technological progress, research and development in this market are vital for manufacturers. They need to improve their quality and processes to stay competitive. It is impossible without reliable data obtained during testing. Testing procedures should be performed as precisely as possible. For this reason, equipment should reduce the human factor and be able to carry out complex experiments without deviations.

For Enterprises

  1. R&D + design + manufacturing under ONE roof
  2. Scale up and down your team
  3. Intergrated hardware + software development
  4. New technologies and research

For Startups

  • MVP and POC prototypes
  • Affordable consultancy rates
  • All IP is yours
  • In-house batch production

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Analytical & Lab equipment development at EnCata

The development of devices and equipment in the field of analytical and laboratory research is a part of our five-year experience. Our team designs the custom equipment right for your needs. We also provide consultation on electronics issues inside your equipment or upgrade old testing machines with new sensors, actuators, or microcontrollers. Our main advantages come from our location. All development and manufacturing are carried out at one point in our own technopark, which is located in Eastern Europe. This way you can get consultancy from experienced specialists, create a model of your equipment, as well as produce an industrial sample - all in our central hub. Moreover, you can refine it in readiness for mass production without the overpayment for moving between the production area and offices.

EnCata's key services in the industry

Industrial Design

Low volume Manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering

Firmware Development

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