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Bridging the gap between an IoT product idea, lab technology and market-ready products is a team sport. We leverage best agile development practices and newest technologies, customer involvement and collaboration frameworks with engineering excellence throughout.

Innovation development methodology used in EnCata

Innovation development methodology

We believe that innovation development - whether it is IoT, deep-tech or cloud software development - is a process with much variation and ambiguity, which is quite different from delivering a well defined repetative production process

  • Work FLOW principle is always in focus
  • We utilize Sc rum-based approach coupled with NASA technology development framework
  • Morning standups is the necessary routine in order to excell
  • Visualized physical Kanban board for the development team and the PMs
  • Fully visualied workflow in Development and Manufacturing
  • ‘Cart system’ - a one-piece-flow in prototype production
  • Fully standardized development and manufacturing process: from project management, design frameworks and component selection to documentation development
  • Continuous improvement (Kaidzen) system: standard improvement software system
  • Kanban stock and component procurement system
  • Full integration of the manufacturing workshop with the ERP and CRM system
  • ANDON system in the manufacturing workshop

Feasibility and Discovery

Technical discovery

Form and function analysis
TRIZ/TIPS contradictions solving
Development objectives
SOW development

Product Definition

Requirements discovery
User stories
Technical benchmarking
Specification development



Concept validation via mock-ups
Detailed CAD development
Documentation for prototyping
Industrial design


Develop tests plan
Performance testing
Set plan for changes in design

Design Concept

Multiple concepts development
Design skething
Undetailed CAD

Physical prototyping

Components procurement
Parts manufacturing
Prototype assembly



Tooling design
Production management
Quality control
Sample inspection

DFM and Finalization

DFM optimisation (TRL-8)
Engineering Validation testing
Patents filing


Business Analysis

Interview stakeholders
Understand business objectives
Functional & business requirements
Technology constraints


Front-End Development

Choose app frameworks
Code front-end interaction
Sync with backend team


QA / staging instance
User testing
Bug fixes

UI/UX Design

UX/UI research
Use-cases & User stories
Wireframing & design prototype
Visual design

Back-End Development

Back-end architecture
Develop API(s)
Database development
Application pre-deployment

Deployment and Support

Maintanance and Support

Bug fixes
Application maintenance
Support changes

System Deployment

Infrastructure configuration
Deployment and testing

Interative discovery

Understand problems and scope
Condense requirements
Technologies benchmarking

Early stage research

Project plan

Program priorities
Establish milestones
Team assignment
Concept proposal

Technology benchmarking

Benchmark outcomes
Work report & suggestions
Next steps planning

Lab or simulations research

Run computer research / simulations
Build lab prototype / system (TRL-3)
Test lab prototype / system
Data collection

Technology Development

Bench Scale Development

Technology contstraints
Proof-of-technology (POT) prorotype development
POT manufacturing

Technology Translation

Technology architecture
MVP concepting
Early stage product development

Technology Evaluation

POT tests
Benchmark results
Suggestions / next steps

Technology transfer

Commercial evaluation

Stakeholder buy-in
Commercial product development
Prototype production
Beta tests & market launch

Pilot scale demo

Pilot (MVP) prototype development
Build and installation
Pilot tests and validation


Research & Discovery

Functional analysis & risk mapping
Project architecture development
Detailed estimation


Problems screening
Defining stakeholders values
Product / service  objectives
Documentation analysis



Prioritize issues
Tactical plan
Team assignment
Budget planning


Review results
Run retrospective
Think next iteration

Project Delivery

Data collection and analysis
Manage and track progress
Distil findings
Develop recomendations

Deployment Support

Deployment Support

Deployment / Implementation
On-site or virtual training
Feedback evaluation
Support changes

Confirm Alignment

Check stakeholder alignment
Review recommendations
Implementation planning
Assess success against goals

Engagement innovation development models

Time + Materials

A perfect engagement for Agile product development and on-demand consultancy. T&M allows one to rapidly scale up and down your commitment

Fixed Price

Suitable for small projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. Typically little client involvement is required

Hybrid / Milestones

A sound alternative for new product development where both whole project is split into certain milestones.

Dedicated Team

Suitable for long-term engagement and full control over team composition. Thus we become the extension of your in-house team

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Agile approach

In EnCata we have adopted the best LEAN development methodologies such as Scrum and Agile, and combined it with our ‘flow process’ philosophy learned from TPS (Toyota Production System). This resulted in a very effective “mix” of project management standards for both design, engineering and manufacturing within EnCata.


In Scrum the hired team provides a preliminary estimate, which is then undergoes prioritization process is a form of a project backlog. Development process is divided into 1-3 week sprints with clear objectives for each.


EnCata uses both the OFFLINE Kanban board and daily startups routinte in additional to project management software. Such that the Project Manager engages on behalf of the product owner to (re)prioritize the backlog.

Waterfall approach

Any project run under the Waterfall methodology is started from the  Research + Discovery phase with the goal to analyse the scope, requirements and objectives and develop a clean and detailed Statement of Work (SOW).

Why do you need to run a discovery phase?

Running discovery phase with EnCata allows you to develop a robust estimation for the project and the SOW. The SOW allows you to requrest estimates from other vendors and development companies, so you don’t end up comparing irrelevant proposals in the first place.

The discovery phase costs from 5 to 10% of the total project cost and it can last as long as a few days, up to 6 weeks - depending how big and complex your project is. In fact, running the Research and Discovery phase allows you to:

  • Save up to 50% on your future development and implementation,
  • Plan your budget and timelines.


  • Documented user stories and use-cases
  • Technical benchmarking
  • Specification development, analysis and validation
  • Form and function technical concepting using TRIZ/TIPS
  • Risk assessment & analysis
  • System / technology / product architecture
  • A detailed statement of Work (SOW) for the next milestone(s)
  • Preliminary BOM
  • Project plan with set milestones based on TRL roadmap
  • (Optional) a set of suggested conceptual solutions
  • (Optional) a  set of design sketches and / or renders
  • Estimation for further development and subsystems prototyping


  • Project plan
  • Software architecture document
  • A detailed estimation
  • Statement of Work (SOW) or Software Requirements Specificatin (SRS)
  • Interactive UI prototype
  • Tests / QA plan

Helping you to Plan, Execute and Implement

Whether you are a startup, market leader or anything in between, EnCata offers solutions catered to your growing needs.  We offer a variety of specialized services to enable innovation and easier market entry.

We focus on the entire product / service lifecycle, from concept to implementation to market launch.  EnCata’s knowledge, resources and business network allow our clients to develop and expand their businesses.

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