A home for IoT and deep-tech founders building the future

We understand all the hurdles and challenges that every entrepreneur and startup face when designing an IoT or hardware. Our one-stop service aims to address the wide gap in software and hardware integration and physical product development and manufacturing.

Uniquely, EnCata has developed a single, unified and complete development flow to maximize the startup's chances of success and that is why we called "Engineering Catalyst" that suits best startups that are involved in creating connected devices and systems.

We typically work with funded startups at both the pre-seed (product development) and seed/round A stages.

  • Strong project management with 10+ years of experience
  • We understand your business, not just engineering and design
  • EnCata utilizes LEAN manufacturing and Agile development methodologies.
  • Your partner for design, development and launch.
  • Premium consultancy services on demand
  • Quality assurance (QA), maintanance and 24/7 support

We offer full spectrum services & world class facilities

Design Engineering

Full Dev. Service

EnCata can provide your startup with the end-to-end product development service in both hardware and software domains coupled with the outstanding inhouse prototyping facilities.

product development and engineering


Turn to EnCata if you need our premimum consultancy services (concept review, design / CAD review or advice on software architecture code you produced) only when our advice is needed.

Work on site

Work on-site

Come to EnCata with your CAD to produce parts for your prototype in EnCata. Assemble and test your prototype at our MakeIT Center fablab - we don't charge for the access!

Video of our facilities

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Engagement development models

Time materials

Time + Materials

A perfect engagement for agile product development and on-demand consultancy. T&M allows one to rapidly scale up and down your commitment

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

Suitable for small projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. Typically little client involvement is required


Hybrid / Milestones

A sound alternative for new product development where both whole project is split into certain milestones.

Debicated team

Dedicated Team

Suitable for long-term engagement and full control over team composition. Thus we become the extension of your in-house team

Best use of Time + Materials

  • On demand consultancy
  • Research projects and R&D
  • Early stage engineering / product development
  • Rapid and first-time physical prototype manufacturing
  • Physical prototype assembly
  • Firmware development
  • Tests and design validation

Where fixed price contracts can be implemented

  • Clearly defined small (non-R&D) projects
  • Tough project timeframe and urgency premium
  • Software MVPs and early software prototypes
  • Appropriate to use on Discovery and SOW development
  • Engineering documentation development
  • Batch-production and volume manufacturing

Innovation development processes used in EnCata

  • Work FLOW principle is always in focus
  • We utilize Scrum-based approach coupled with NASA technology development framework
  • Morning standups is the necessary routine in order to excell
  • Visualized physical Kanban board for the development team and the PMs
  • Fully visualised workflow in Development and Manufacturing
  • Cart system’ - a one-piece-flow in prototype production
  • Fully standardized development and manufacturing process: from project management, design frameworks and component selection to documentation development
  • Continuous improvement (Kaidzen) system: standard improvement software system
  • Kanban component procurement and stock system
  • Full integration of the manufacturing workshop with the ERP and CRM system
  • ANDON system in the manufacturing workshop

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