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Aerospace, Drone & LSA

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EnCata is able to take a beautiful idea and develop into a robust flight concept, utilizing experience of our experienced senior aerospace engineers and aerodynamic scientists. We have been involved in various development programs, ranging from UAV drones and helicopter-UAVs, to twin-engine UAVs with 600 kg MTOM, electrical, sport and light (LSA) aircraft designs.

Autonomous Drone Station

A hangar for the drone on autonomous control with a built-in charging system. Equipped with a robotic drone positioning/landing system. The hangar design allows the drone to take off and land automatically.





VTOL impeller design

The R&D project involved a range of aerodynamic simulations for a new generation electric flight design. The project focused on optimizing multirotor three-bladed propellers’ efficiency within impeller ‘barrel’ geometry with further DFM.



Electric Transport


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EnCata seamlessly integrates HARDWARE and SOFTWARE and provides talented people, latest tools, advanced manufacturing and industrial prototyping facilities as part of our continuous LEAN design process to transform your concept into a market-ready product.

Our experienced design engineers work side-by-side with electronics, manufacturing and software engineers as part of a complete in-house problem-solving team.

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