Rapid prototyping services

We have a fully equipped industrial prototyping workshop, which is located in the same building with the R&D and design engineering office. It provides EnCata’s customers with the expedient way to produce their prototypes with industrial (DFM) methods using an array of professional CNC equipment and tooling.

Rapid prototyping services

In-house prototyping and design for manufacturing (DfM)

EnCata is somewhat unique in having in-house world class industrial prototyping facilities and wide range of CNC machinery in the same building with the design office. Such LEAN set-up allows faster time for prototype manufacturing, design validation and assembly, ensuring the design documentation is timely updated.

Our manufacturing workshop is perfectly suited for both batch-production and mock-up making, whether your prototype of product has plastic, metal, composite or wood parts.

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 In-house industrial machinery icon

In-house industrial machinery

EnCata is a private R&D center that has a comprehensive array of industrial CNC machinery for prototyping and production

Manufacturing expertise and DFM icon

Manufacturing expertise and DFM

Our manufacturing team takes part in development to make sure the future product of prototype is manufacturable

Effective outsourcing icon

Effective outsourcing

For mass production, we offer other options such as consultancy and contract manufacturing in Eastern Europe

In-house industrial prototyping and manufacturing Services

Prototype Manufacturing Services

EnCata is somewhat unique in having in-house world class industrial prototyping facilities and wide range of CNC machinery in the same building with the design office. Such LEAN set-up allows faster time for prototype manufacturing, design validation and assembly, ensuring the design documentation is timely updated.

We embrace the DFM approach where the design engineering team is deeply involved in prototype production, assembly and testing. This allows to timely update documentation and BOM, ensuring our clients receive both the prototype and validated documentation, a 3D model and CAD 2D drawings.

CNC milling  icon

CNC milling
5x and 3x

Water jet icon

Water jet

Powder coating icon

Powder coating

3D printing icon

3D printing

Injection moulding icon

Injection moulding

CNC Laser cutter icon

CNC Laser cutter

Welding  icon

Welding (MIG, TIG)

Vacuum forming icon

Vacuum forming

CNC bending icon

CNC bending

Composites and GRP icon

Composites and GRP

Production equipment in our workshop

Multi-purpose center

Multi-purpose center DMG MORI DMU 75 monoBLOCK

Turning and milling works on multi-purpose center

Transverse axis: 750/650/560 mm
Speed range:
20 – 18 000 rpm 20
High speed on axes:
24 m / mm
Maximal feed capacity:
6/6/3 kN
Integrated CNC rotary table/ turntable:
650 mm
Maximal load:
600 kg

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine
LaserCUT 3015-1-1-S-xx

Cuts the counter of any level of complexity, engraves text
Designed for sheet metal cutting

Structural steel: 1 to 8 mm
Stainless steel: 1 to 5 mmAluminum: 1 to 4 mm
Working area: 3050х1520х100 mm
Maximal workpiece weight: 500 kg

Cutting of colored sheets, polymer-coated sheets and plastic blanks is unacceptable

Hydraulic CNC

Hydraulic CNC sheet-bending press Machinery Advancet AMB-10031

Maximal bending capacity: 1000
Maximal bending length: 3100 mm***
Material thickness (structural steel): to 3 mm
If using V50 matrix: to 6mm
Accuracy of positioning: ± 0, 1 mm

*** Depends on the metal thickness, so structural steel up to 3 mm can be bent along the entire length of the machine, steel up to 5 mm has a limit of 2 m

Welding machine

Welding machine

Semi-automatic, contact ( sheet steel up to 2+2 mm), capacitor welding (3-8 mm studs with 30 mm length) and argonarc welding

Produce welding parts with complex geometries and tubes with the use of rectifiers, inverters, transformers, MMA, TIG machines and TIG semi-automatic MIG / MAG

Materials: structural, alloyed, corrosion-resistant steels

CNC lathe machine

CNC lathe machine DMG MORI CTX 310 ecoline

CTX 310 machine is designed for complex (turning and milling) 3-axis machining (X, Z, C axes) of small and medium-sized parts in automatic or semi-automatic mode

Diameter: 8 to 200 mm
The length of the blank: 455 mm
Collet chuck diameter: 210 mm
Diameter of bar passage: 50 mm

Waterjet cutting machine

Waterjet cutting machine TKTRUMPG1515

Gantry installations are designed for cutting sheet materials up to 200 mm thick in a standard version or optionally up to 350 mm.

The maximal size of the processed material: 1500x1500 mm
Maximal thickness of processed material: 200 mm
Table load capacity: 500 kg/m2
Positioning accuracy on 2 axes: 0,05 mm
The minimal diameter of water nozzle: 0,25 mm
TK-Trump high pressure pump: 5037 kW; 4200 Bar; 3.5 l / min
The restriction on the weight of the workpiece: 60 kg

Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine SSF920

Theoretical injection volume: 134 sm3
Injection weight: 122 gr
Injection pressure: 232 mPA
Maximal closure: 920 kN
Maximal opening of the mold: 330 mm
Distance between columns: 370x370 mm
Maximal thickness of the mold: 400 mm
Minimal mold thickness: 150 mm
Diameter of fixing hole: 125 mm

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Contracting models in manufacturing

Time + Materials icon

Time + Materials

A perfect engagement for new product prototyping, development and on-demand manufacturing. T&M allows one to rapidly scale up and down your commitment, as well as do not overstretch the subcontractor with your R&D project

Best use of Time + Materials

  • On demand consultancy
  • Research projects and R&D
  • Early stage engineering development development
  • Rapid and first-time physical prototype manufacturing
  • Physical prototype assembly
  • Firmware development
  • Tests and design validation
Fixed price icon

Fixed price

Suitable for batch and mass-production, provided the first sample of the requested product has been already manufactured in EnCata.

Where fixed price contracts can be implemented

  • Clearly defined small (non-R&D) projects
  • Tough project timeframe and urgency premium
  • Software MVPs and early software prototypes
  • Appropriate to use on Discovery and SOW development
  • Engineering documentation development
  • Batch-production and volume manufacturing

Extending the value with full-cycle
software & hardware product development

Across industries – whether you are a startup, market leader or anything in between – EnCata offers you a comprehensive end-to-end service catered to your business needs.

Whether it is a completely new idea or an existing product, we always offer a choice between a custom design vs. using existing non-proprietary solutions and components seeking out the wide variety of information pertaining to specific design challenges

We employ the best LEAN engineering practices to design reliable products within specification, physical and user experience constraints, allowing your product to meet highest user's, regulatory and business expectations.

With EnCata you hire senior-level talent that can quickly start and help you build a user-oriented software application with the latest technologies and cross-platform functionality in mind.

We leverage high-quality work, best technologies, engineering excellence and Agile methodologies to help your business thrive.

EnCata offers a one-stop-shop services for custom IoT solutions development. We seamlessly integrate HARDWARE + SOFTWARE in IoT complete product development program.

Whether it is IoT gateway development or just a web/mobile application, or API deployment, firmware and cloud software integration - we pay great attention to quality and bespoke customer experience striving to deliver real value and fast ROI.

EnCata leverages R&D risks for our customers and put them ahead of competition with EnCata innovation and Technology development service.

We tackle complex R&D tasks and enable innovation from your product’s early stages. EnCata’s commercial R&D services include FEA/CFD simulations, new technology development, technology scouting and POC/MVP prototyping.

Batch production

Low volume manufacturing services

Batch production is somewhat challenging for most of the hardware startups and companies since it takes a series of steps similar to a large manufacturing process, but requires flexibility in execution.

Being a true LEAN manufacturing workshop we employ ‘cart production system’ learned from Toyota Production System (TPS) which ideally suits the low-volume production. Such an approach ensures a very good quality control, as quality is embedded in the production ‘flow’.

Manufacturing support services

Past batch-production phase, we provide manufacturing set-up and support to our clients, helping them to smoothly scale up manufacturing volumes with our trusted network of Contact Manufacturers in Eastern Europe and Asia.

We offer support in BOM optimisation, further DFM, procurement, logistics, packaging and negotiations with the volume producers.

Manufacturing support services

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