ecosystem technopark

Who can apply?
Regional startups and innovative companies located in Molodechno and Borisov.

How to apply?
Regional startups and innovative companies can apply to participate in the competition by filling out the application in free form and providing the business development plan with innovation justification of the solutions, technologies, goods, or services that are panned for implementation, no later than April 16th, 2021.

Why We and What are the benefits for our Residents?
Read the detailed interview with the TUT.BY magazine where Euheni Malcheuski, CEO of Technopark EnCata, shares Why technopark does not give up working with startups and helping them go through the hell of design and development to market launch, particularly in times of crisis, How one can participate in the competition, What does the definition 'technopark' mean, Why it's beneficial to its participants, What regional unfunded startups can expect from the market for 2021, and Does relocation question come up in EnCata.

To get a free consultation and submit application please email to , or call +375 29 594 31 32 , +375 29 678 98 29

Technopark EnCata is here to guide you and help your business grow. Looking forward to having you in our startup family!

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