On January 25th, a group of computer science competition participants visited EnCata for a tour. The tour was led by EnCata's CBDO, Vadim Myadelets.

During the tour, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the operational principles of various departments within EnCata, including the design bureau, electronics development department, technological bureau, and production division. They also gained insights into the project development process employed by the company.

Vadim Myadelets, the CBDO of EnCata, provided a comprehensive overview of the company's philosophy, highlighting the use of the LEAN methodology and Kanban board in the development of hardware products. He showcased several prototypes of devices that were in the final stages of development. This allowed the participants to witness firsthand the innovative approach taken by EnCata.

Moreover, the participants engaged in conversations with electronics developers, where they were given the opportunity to ask questions about embedded software development and PCB design.

Overall, the visit to EnCata proved to be educational and insightful for the participants, as they were able to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of a prominent company in the field of computer science.