Prefabricated mobile buildings, hospitals and offices with internal space and communications.

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the FIR
The mobile structure is designed taking into account the peculiarities of your company, and the building ready-to-move in is being built in 2 months.
What is theFIR
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Fir Tech is not just a pneumatic frame building, but a complete solution and environment for the healthcare system and business. We worked and adapted the standard technology, made it modularand convenient for creating an environment for any needs of medicine or various business industries.

The design is easy to maintain and can be mounted on any solid site or in open ground, and if necessary, it can also be quickly dismantled.

The foundation is not needed. The design is installed directly on the ground. Stability is provided by weighting agents, which are placed inside the cylinders.
Technical features:
  • The walls are filled with air and are 2.5 m think. The DOME keeps the heat well as air is a great sound and heat insulator.
  • The pneumatic support structure consumes 5-10 kW of electricity per month on the pumping system.
  • The material does not support combustion. The flammability of the reinforced PVC is classified as G-1.
  • Withstands the temperature mode of the material from - 70 C to + 70 C.
  • The design can withstand rainfall loads of up to 30 kg/m2.
  • Wind-resistance: up to 67 mph (or 30 m/s or 58 knots) will not disturb the construction.
  • The building is fully functional even if there are holes in fabric.
the FIR example
The versatility of TheFIR
  • Calculation and adjustment of air filtration, conditioning and heating systems depends on the application of the building and the number of people inside
  • the temperature in the building can be controlled from anywhere from a mobile phone
  • The construction can be equipped with a video surveillance system
  • Security system might be provided
Mobile hospital
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We developed a mobile hospital project based on theFIR to help struggle with COVID-19. The design is equipped with lighting devices and a system for mixing air flows (cold and warm) inside the dome.

It can be equipped with a heating system and all the necessary software modules for performing tasks.
Hospital area 630м²
40 patients
1 canteen
4 WC
10 chambers
1 medical ward
the FIR scheme
Related equipment: mobile bathrooms, boiler rooms and boilers, air conditioning, ventilation, air filtration from viruses, bacteria and pathogens, electrical panels, communication elements and also input and engineering groups.

The design project of the mobile hospital includes a floor plan with the possibility of choosing the type of flooring, inflatable partitions, as well as ready-made modules: meeting rooms and cabinets of different sizes, soundproof portable capsules for secluded work.

We equip each building with entrance groups and entrances. We design and install stained-glass windowsfor the penetration of natural light, as well as electric and lighting racks for uniform and local artificial light.
the FIR inside

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