STEM education is the foundation for a bright future. At EnCata, we recognize the importance of effectively teaching STEM and encouraging innovation in schools. To achieve this, schools must have the necessary facilities, curriculum, and tools to convey to students that STEM is not only fun but also leads to successful careers in the hi-tech sector. Keeping this in mind, EnCata started developing an educational platform for schools called MakeIT School two years ago. Today, we are proud to introduce MakeIT School to the world.

MakeIT School is an IoT-based box solution for STEM education, equipped with basic prototyping equipment, tools, a comprehensive learning curriculum, and an organized, efficient system. With MakeIT School, students will have the opportunity to learn various key skills such as 3D modeling and CAD, 3D printing, electronics, controller programming, and manufacturing.

We firmly believe that MakeIT School is a unique solution on a global scale. It is now available for schools, and we have plans to set up several MakeIT Centers around the world during the upcoming summer break.

We are dedicated to further developing MakeIT School and making our educational platform even more engaging, powerful, and connected for the international education community.