A high precision body scanner for fashion retail. The scanner design is a rotating platform with a set of digital cameras measuring body parameters with. Digital images are then transferred via Wi-Fi interface to a PC and undergo real-time conversion into a digital 3D model.


The customer came to EnCata with a proof-of-concept prototype (TRL-4). The startup wanted to push its hardware technology towards batch production and focus all internal resources on developing custom 3D scanning software for fashion retail business.


EnCata started the project from the engineering concept development followed by custom PCB design. The scanner system then undergoes industrial design which took into account a wide range of human body weight and ease of enclosure manufacturing with vacuum forming. ​

PCB design


Having completed the DFM process. we delivered a complete set of drawings and produced a TRL-7 prototype (all in-house) including a mould for vacuum forming. This mould  passed field tests and was ready for batch-production (TRL-8).

  • Conceptual design
  • Custom PCB electronics
  • Custom electrics
  • Full mechanical design with stress and kinematic simulations
  • DFM (design for manufacturability)
  • Vacuum mould design
  • Scanner prototype ready for batch/mass production (TRL-8).

DFM process