The COVID pandemic has dealt a serious blow to some industries from the outset, only growing in scale and impact. Many businesses are faced with the challenge of how to stay afloat, others started seeking various ways to contribute to the fight against the virus. EnCata took that challenge and found a way out!

EnCata’s do it yourself approach

The COVID pandemic has affected the world’s economy, societies and families. The coronavirus epidemic has dealt a serious blow to some industries from the outset, only growing in scale and impact. Dozens of countries have closed borders, hundreds of enterprises have stopped production, thousands of employees have been laid off and millions are infected. Many businesses are faced with the challenge of how to stay afloat, others started seeking various ways to contribute to the fight against the virus.

As the official announcement of the pandemic, many companies have moved their employees to remote work and reduced staff, but since most of EnCata's staff are designers and manufacturing engineers, the method of remote work is simply impossible. In this regard, it was decided to equip the office with disinfectants, introduce a mask regime and put disinfecting measures at the entrance. After researching the issue, however, it became obvious that the products available in the market are not of high quality, some are completely outdated and we were not sure if they provide the adequate level of protection to our staff.

if you want to do it well, do it yourself

Thus it was decided to follow that principle and start production of reusable respirators with an innovative filtration technology long used in other PPE products of EnCata and BDC-Air. The product was actively tested during the rapid development phase by the company's employees and was subsequently supplied free of charge to medical institutions and hospitals across the country, where it received good reviews from doctors and nurses. Given EnCata’s capabilities and realizing the urgent need for help, it was decided to develop a whole line of innovative products to fight viruses and infections, which included both new and already proven technologies.

Our contribution to the fight against Covid-19

The developed product line provides a full range of   protection against viruses, bacteria and infections, ranging from basic personal protective equipment and a stylish air purifier to a mobile hospital and a unique accessory for bactericidal antiviral treatment. But that's not all.

About products, their features and technologies used

The starting point for the COVID-19 product line was the first professional reusable respirator with a triple filtration system, named Vizard-M. Unlike other masks and respirators, it not only prevents viruses and germs from entering the respiratory tract, but kills them at the surface of the filter ply, thanks to the BDC-Air Cu35 and BDC-Air Bio filters. And despite such a complex technology, it is of small size, is comfortable and allows easy breathing. 

The Vizard-M is DFA, CE and EAC approved. The respirators are now available at Amazon in the USA and on KickStarter.


If you want to partner up with EnCata or you know someone we can help with our anti-COVID products - please CONTACT US.

The next device in the line is the Albo air purification, aromatization and humidification system. Among other things, it also fights viruses, capturing up to 99% of particles and driving them through a built-in filter.  It also has a proprietary ozone generation function, providing an additional line of defense. The small device covers the entire room, has an attractive design and can be controlled from a smartphone as any other modern IoT device.


But how about the public places? How to minimize the risk of infection and keep employees and visitors safe? EnCata has foreseen that too and designed several products which can also be used in public spaces.

Gate|0 is head and shoulders above other disinfectant frames being a multifunctional germicidal disinfection gate with a wide range of smart functionality to screen people as they enter larger venues such as stores, airports, restaurants or events. This entrance gate with 14 sprayers located across its entire gate area, disinfects a person’s entire body in  only 5 seconds. But hold on, even more functions come up! In addition, the gate has  a body temperature screening camera, motion sensors, audio-visual control, an olfactory test system, a face recognition module and, of course, a large tank for sanitizer liquid (90 L or 24 gal.) built into the frame. 


Mobile hospitals isolation boxes with all the amenities

The inflatable building technology TheFIR, was initially designed as a fast constructed mobile office/factory building but is ideally suited as a mobile hospital in the age of Covid pandemy. As a demonstration of the FIR, EnCata moved its entire operation of 200+ engineers and several million dollars worth of heavy machinery into a FIR last year. The mobile facility takes 2-3 weeks to construct, accommodates full communications systems such as gas, electricity, water and HVAC systems and can just as easily be deconstructed and moved to the next crisis spot. As Covid moves around a country or the world, FIR mobile hospitals can move with it to protect local populations.   


Finally, EnCata has designed a mobile unit which creates an isolated working or quarantine space which can be used in a larger structure.  The BulwArk is  a portable transparent box with a filter ventilation system, UV decontamination lamps, and three 220V outlets, providing a clean and safe place to work or quarantine. 


About motives and the product line in general

The year 2020 can only be described as completely disruptive. The pandemic has become a spoke in the wheel of the plans of various companies and businesses throughout the world, causing some to slow down, and others to go completely out of the distance.

Overall EnCata’s COVID-19 product line presents a full range of protection measures for any purpose and scale, serving as an optimal tool for ensuring both personal and public safety. This is our contribution to the fight against the pandemic. EnCata encourages other engineering companies to also use their skills and talents to develop solutions to this global problem, because together we can make a difference.