Inspiting kids through engineering

Kids are our future and we hope to encourage many of them to choose a career in engineering. EnCata works with different educational centers and schools to provide  programs for kids to help them take initial steps in robotics, programming and engineering.

Mentoring talents

We understand the need for talented student entrepreneurs to have access to role models as they try and create their dream project. EnCata’s skilled engineers volunteer their time to provide valuable mentoring services to these future leaders.

Supporting youth sport

EnCata sponsors a local teenage basketball team, encouraging STEM high school students to excel both in science and in sport. We recognise that sports foster teamwork and determination - valuable skills for engineers and everyone when growing up.

Helping Antarctica studies

EnCata has encouraged some of our employees to work on scientific missions in Antarctica, ground zero in the race against climate change. We continue to support the brave engineers to help make their life  on the South Pole a little more comfortable.

Engineering art

As a gift to the City of Minsk EnCata engineered a ‘cornflower’ windmill that stands on a prominent downtown river embankment. The installation rotates with the wind and manifests the fusion of contemporary art and engineering.

Teaching students

EnCata is proud to contribute to the education of our youth by participating in University lectures and providing student internships in engineering and science. We hope our small assistance will help a future scientist reach their goal of improving the world.

Participation in WORLDSKILLS competition

Our employees act as active jury members of the WORLDSKILL CNC competition - a global event where future young engineers and machinists demonstrate their skills.

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