Dr. Alexey Dick

CEO EnCata​​

Alexey has over 20 years of research, development, and management expertise. After receiving his MSc in Radiophysics in Belarus (2000), he spent 12 years in Germany, first receiving his Ph.D in Theoretical Physics at the Max-Planck Society and then working at the Society in several roles until he was ultimately promoted to Head of the Supercomputing Center and Head of the Research group.   Alexey decided to return with his family to Belarus where he initially worked as the deputy director of a public institute supporting technological development and innovation activities. He joined Encata in 2017 as a Project Manager and has quickly been promoted to Chief Project Manager, Head of the Design Department and ultimately to his current role as CEO.

Oleg Kondrashov

Oleg Kondrashov

Founder / CEO EnCata

Oleg founded EnCata and has grown it from a small R&D facility to Eastern Europe’s premier engineering services company, with 200+ engineers and a fully equipped factory. Oleg has a MSc degree in physics (optics and lasers) and has been the pioneer in bringing lean manufacturing techniques to Belarus and the region. In 2016, he was awarded the title of Minsk/Belarus “Person of the Year” in industrial innovation. In addition to managing EnCata’s rapid growth, Oleg mentors deep tech startups and advises VC funds on investment strategy. He is a frequent speaker at high-level conferences.

Michael Tavis

Michael Tavis

Partner EnCata in N.America​

Mike manages EnCata’s growing business in North America. He has a BA from Dartmouth College and MPA from Princeton University. After a 10 year finance and business development career in New York with Exxon, Seagram’s and Citicorp Securities, Mike began an Eastern European Odyssey in Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus; first managing a $300 million private equity fund before founding, investing in and managing a series of manufacturing companies. He is excited to be EnCata’s US partner and has recently moved back to the US and is living with his family in Boston.


Rod Robertson

Rod Robertson

Investment and M&A advisor.
Managing partner, Briggs Capital
Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray

Sovereign Ventures
Government Relations
Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Product development & Manufacturing advisor. CEO, Dragon Innovation (AVNET) and BOLT partner
Brian Litman

Brian Litman

Media Technology Advisor.
Layer 3 Audio Technology Pioneer
Masamichi Kawagome

Masamichi Kawagome

R&D Advisor. Chatered management consultant of J-SMECA.
CEO, Geocom Consulting

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