IoT development company

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As a unique end-to-end product development center that designs and integrates hardware and custom software for consumers, industrial and healthcare sectors, EnCata provides full-stack services for IoT, mobile, web, AR/AR, and cloud-based applications, including embedded software for IIoT and IoMT.

IoT development company

IoT design and development services

EnCata provides full-service custom software development company and consultancy, delivering cloud-based solutions, engineering, QA and DevOps services for IoT and cloud-based applications, including embedded software for any electronics and IoT devices.

We bring a combination of domain expertise, engineering talent and a rigorous development process with great attention to your business needs.  With EnCata you retain ownership of all existing and newly developed source code and IP to make sure your development is economical and helps to drive your business.  

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Agile approach icon

Agile approach

We have adopted the best software development methodologies and modern tools to help manage the product development lifecycle

Fast team scale-up icon

Fast team scale-up

We are a capable full-service team that is ready to quickly scale-up and down, minimizing our client's overheads

IP Security icon

IP Security

We protect client's IP and follow the principle that all source code and IP belongs to the client

Embedded software development

Embedded software development

Embedded software and embedded systems development is intrinsically connected to hardware electronics and mechanical systems in which we excel. Although embedded software (unlike web applications) is less visible to an end user, it runs literally any modern electronic device in automotive, aerospace, navigation, commercial, and medical industry.

EnCata works with leading microcontroller manufacturers and deliver effective firmware for both miniature consumer products and industrial automation examples based on MCU and FPGA architecture.


• Firmware and drivers development
• Linux embedded
• 8/16/32 Microcontrollers

• LoRa WAN

• LoRa WAN
• Z-Wawe
• ZigBee


• 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, GPRS
• NB-IoT
• GPS / Beidou / GLONASS

NXP chips

• STM 32
• NXP chips
• Nordic chips

Programming Languages

Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, VB.Net, ASM, VHDL/Verilog, MatLab, Mathematica, OpenCV Embedded, Micro-Python


Interfaces: USB, SPI/SSP, I2C, LVDS, RS232/485, SD/SDHC/MMC, Ethernet, PoE, 1-Wire, CAN, I2S, AC97

Arduino family

• Arduino family
• Raspberry family


• Bluetooth (BT) & LBE
• WiFi

PID controllers

• PID controllers
• Physical algorithms development

PLC / HMI programming

• PLC / HMI programming
• Industrial PC software development

AR and VR development services

AR and VR development services

Augmented and Virtual reality solutions are especially efficient in stimulating environments where conventional approaches proved to be expensive and dangerous.

Our AR/VR development team offers solutions based on conventional UNITY and UNREAL ENGINE platforms, enabling various levels of immersion and user experience. We also offer a deeply customised solutions with our advanced hardware/software PSYCHO platform.







MSI-powered Hardware

MSI-powered Hardware

Oculus Platform

Oculus Platform

Zotac Hardware Platform

Zotac Hardware Platform

Web & Mobile app & Cloud development services

Web and Mobile development

With EnCata's dedicated software team you can build a user-oriented app with the very modern technologies and cross-platform functionality in mind.

Our well-established process for development of mobile/web-application entails Research and Planning phase, Prototyping, Design with particular focus on UX and UI, followed by Coding and extensive Testing with successive launch. The app development team is further engaged in supporting the application and adding, if necessary, new features based on customer feedback.











react js
Node js
Dot net
python ai
Google cloud
c++ development
AWS Cloud
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Extending the value with R&D and product enginering

Extending the value with hardware engineering R&D and rapid prototyping
We design anything  from IoT products, robots, industrial equipmnent and digital hardware to bespoke consumer physical and digital experience.

Whether it is a completely new idea or an existing product, we always offer a choice between a custom design vs. using existing non-proprietary solutions and components seeking out the wide variety of information pertaining to specific design challenges

We employ the best LEAN engineering practices to design reliable products within specification, physical and user experience constraints, allowing your product to meet highest user's, regulatory and business expectations.

EnCata offers a one-stop-shop services for custom IoT solution development. We seamlessly integrate HARDWARE + SOFTWARE in IoT complete product development program.

Whether it is IoT gateway development or just a web/mobile application, or API deployment, firmware and cloud software integration - we pay great attention to quality and bespoke customer experience striving to deliver real value and fast ROI.

R&D is the key for any business to survive the turbulence of emerging disruptive technologies and achieve future growth. Through engineering and science we develop new technologies and enable technology transfer from research labs into a product.

We leverage R&D risks for our customers and put them ahead of competition with EnCata innovation and Technology development service.

We have a fully equipped industrial workshop for rapid protototyping, which is located in the same building with the R&D and design engineering office.

This provides EnCata’s customers with the expedient way to produce their prototypes with industrial (DFM) methods using an array of professional CNC equipment and tooling.

Engagement development models

Time Materials

Time + Materials

A perfect engagement for Agile product development and on-demand consultancy. T&M allows one to rapidly scale up and down your commitment

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

Suitable for small projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. Typically little client involvement is required

Retainer engagement

Retainer  Engagement

A sound alternative for a one-off contract and permanent employment. Ideal for R&D and ongoing engagement

Dedicated team

Dedicated Team

This collaboration type is suitable for long-term engagement and full control over team composition. Thus we become the extension of your in-house team

Best use of Time + Materials

  1. On demand consultancy
  2. Research projects and R&D
  3. Early stage engineering/product development
  4. Rapid and first-time physical prototype manufacturing
  5. Physical prototype assembly
  6. Firmware development
  7. Tests and design validation

Where fixed price contracts can be implemented

  • Clearly defined small (non-R&D) projects
  • Tough project timeframe and urgency premium
  • Software MVPs and early software prototypes
  • Appropriate to use on Discovery and SOW development
  • Engineering documentation development
  • Batch-production and volume manufacturing

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