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From strategy - to execution, from deep-tech to custom IoT consumer products and complex cloud solutions, our unique combination of in-house expertise and science-led development and analysis provide our customers with the winning edge in conquering the future.

Our services

Comprehensive end-to-end R&D and software development services

EnCata is a unique company and Technopark, providing full services for HARDWARE and SOFTWARE development coupled with world-class in-house industrial prototyping facilities. We concentrate on developing IoT, robotics, aerospace, MedTech and IoMT, deep-tech and industrial automation solutions and products.

We bring a combination of domain expertise, engineering talent, manufacturing knowledge and rigorous project management practices with the commitment to develop new and exciting products.

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Iot development

Hardware & IoT development

Mechanical engineering
Electronics development
Industrial design
Firmware development
Product development
Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM)
Prototype manufacturing
Low-volume manufacturing
Custom software

Custom Software

Custom software development
Web & mobile development
IoT software
AR/VR development
Embedded Software
Enterprise Software
AI and machine Learning
Dev-Ops service
cimmercial RnD

Commercial R&D

FEA and CFD computer simulations
POC and MVP prototypes
Technology development
Scouting for technologies
Technology Architecture



Engineering consultancy
Feasibility studies
Technical due diligence
Systems design
Design thinking service (TRIZ/TIPS)
Digital transformation
Innovative products marketing
deep tech

Deep-tech Ecosystem

SaaS software for technopark management
Hackerspace for startups (MakeIT Center)
MakeIT School / MakeIT College solutions
Grant management software
Incubation Technopark
Shared industrial facilities for manufacturing
Innovation consultancy

Why EnCata?

leonardo human
Extended team

Extended team and
expertise at your service

Burn rate

R&D budget control and
reduced burn rate

Cutting edge

Access to cutting-edge

agile fast

agile & fast time-to-market

Development risks

We lower your
development risks


All generated ip belongs
to customer

We are ready to help you through technology transformation!

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