Construction Techologies

The use of cutting-edge technologies makes the industry "smart”

The construction industry is actively looking for breakthrough technologies. New construction technologies help companies build faster and with fewer costs, making them more competitive. Examples of such technologies include green and innovative materials, AR/VR, Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Robotics & Drones, Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies, 3D printing, modularization, 5G and IoT. Moreover, industry trends push companies to take care of the environment and be more careful about employee health and safety.

For Enterprises

  1. R&D + design + manufacturing under ONE roof
  2. Scale up and down your team
  3. Intergrated hardware + software development
  4. New technologies and research

For Startups

  • MVP and POC prototypes
  • Affordable consultancy rates
  • All IP is yours
  • In-house batch production

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Solutions offered EnCata improve companies

EnCata has been involved in several construction projects for manufacturing and accommodation facilities where it has applied innovative technologies. However, the use of them has to be reasonable. We help our Clients study the demand of the new technology application. Our engineers have developed different facades, decorative systems, and non-standard glazing designs. We simulated loads and stability of load-bearing structures, made calculations of wind, snow and seismic effects. Additionally, our engineers developed processes of new building modules production, while our designers created jigs and fixtures for the production process. For industrial enterprises, our team made layouts of pipelines, designed steel structures, and calculated the foundations for the equipment. Our specialists calculated the heat losses of buildings and have the experience in design and installation of HVAC systems.

Encata's key services in the industry

Hardware Development

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Digital Transformation

Product R&D

Finite Element Analysis

Feasibility Studies

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