A portable complex of a transparent pneumatic frame box and a filter-ventilation unit with the UV disinfection function.

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A turnkey solution to ensure individual protection of a working, residential or medical premises from infections, bacteria and viruses.
What is BulwArk
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BulwArk is a portable inflatable complex of a transparent pneumatic frame box and filter-ventilation unit with the function of high powered hard UV disinfection in the flow of incoming and outgoing air.

The unit has universal dimensions so furniture and/or medical equipment can be installed inside the box.

In addition to mechanical cleaning and disinfection of the air supply with ultraviolet radiation, the system maintains a comfortable microclimate inside the box.

Moreover, UV radiation only processes the incoming and outgoing air flows inside the ventilation unit and does enter the visible part, completely eliminating the likelihood of exposure to people inside. Ozone traps are also formed under the influence of UV radiation.
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Problems which are solved BulwArk
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  • It’s hard to find a completely “clean” space for work and leisure.
  • Can be mounted for long periods in hard-wall facilities.
  • Other options are very expensive.
  • In crowded places, It creates an isolated and sealed area to quarantine infected people before the arrival of medical personnel.
  • The organization of wards for patients in facilities converted to hospitals is long and expensive.
  • A potentially infected person is placed in general wards waiting for the test results, increasing the likelihood of further infection.
Product options
  • In case of operation in a warm room, the system can be equipped with a mobile air conditioner.
  • Production for street use is possible.
  • The scope of supply includes a for CO2 level sensor monitoring air quality.
  • An additional UV lamp is installed inside the box for disinfecting surfaces. Its control panel is taken out for safety (in the absence of people, the box is disinfected inside).
  • A sealed box also can be additionally equipped with a gateway, a special disinfecting entry gate (Gate | 0) and/or chamber gloves in the sidewall for performing actions remotely.
  • It is possible to make up to 3 independent zones inside the box.
BulwArk inside
Benefits of BulwArk
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The dimensions of the box and the color scheme of the installation can be changed at the request of the customer.
Modern, high-quality, durable and easy-to-clean materials increase system life and lower operating costs.
The installation can be mounted inside any room by two people in one hour.
Dismantling and preparation for transportation also takes no more than an hour by two people.
Sealed zipper prevents unwanted air passage. A small excess pressure is maintained in the sealed box area (up to 200 Pa), which is not felt but prevents the entrance of untreated air in the event of a leak in the shell (if a leak appears, it will only be directed outward), if the box is configured for asylum and vice versa for the insulator.

The control panel has three 220V sockets for powering electrical appliances inside the sealed area. Thanks to various connection options, UV modules can work to pump air both inside the box and out.
  • A transparent box consists of a pneumatic frame with the necessary rigidity and strength, as well as a sealed area with transparent walls.
  • The pump included in the kit quickly inflates the pneumatic frame, and the automatic system maintains the necessary pressure during operation.
  • Fully transparent walls and a roof help maintain the required level of insulation and eliminate the need for additional lighting.
  • The absence of sharp corners inside allows efficient sanitization.
BulwArk outside
Two main use cases
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One UV module delivers purified and disinfected air to the box, the other, also with cleaning and disinfection, expels it from the box. Such a scheme allows the simultaneous protection of people both inside and outside the box.
One or both of the UV modules feed the treated air inside the sealed area. Excess pressure is independently vented through the outlet and can be adjusted by a throttle.

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