We are excited to announce a new official partnership with SORACOM, a technology vendor that focuses on IoT devices and systems.

The SORACOM IoT platform offers rapid development capabilities for connected IoT devices and systems. If you need to quickly develop and test proof-of-concept (POC) and minimum viable product (MVP) prototypes for connected IoT devices, SORACOM is the platform to consider.

As a global provider of smart IoT connectivity, our new partner assists customers from various industries in establishing secure and cost-effective communication with their connected devices in IoT projects, whether new or already running. The SORACOM platform operates with a SIM card, providing a secure gateway and direct connection for your smart hardware devices to your cloud. This eliminates the need to store SDKs or credentials on the devices or write custom firmware and software.

At EnCata, we are eager to strengthen our partnership with Soracom and collaborate on exciting new IoT products in the near future!