Commercial R&D

R&D is the key for any business to achieve long-term growth, manage its product lifecycle and survive the critical for surviving turbulence of emerging disruptive technologies.

Commercial R&D

Result-driven commercial R&D partner

EnCata is your trusted R&D partner for technology scouting and development, scientific and engineering research and technology translation.

We tackle the complex tasks and enable research and innovation from your product’s early stages through proof-of-technology (POT) and proof-of-concept (POC) prototypes ready for further product design, engineering development and consecutive customization.

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We develop your IP icon

We develop your IP

We protect client's IP and follow the principle that all the source code and IP belongs to the client

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Agility x Effectiveness

Once a strategy has been developed, EnCata R&D moves quickly and efficiently using a LEAN approach to save our clients both time and money.

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PhD-led R&D

Our R&D teams are lead by experienced scientists and engineers with international PhD degrees in Nanotech, Physics, Biotech and Engineering

FEA & CFD computer simulations

FEA & CFD computer simulations

We run CFD, FEA and other computer simulations on our own cluster and have direct access to a research supercomputer. EnCata’s dedicated simulations, engineering and R&D team is actively engaged in the following activities:

Aerodynamic simulations icon

Aerodynamic simulations

CFD icon

Fluid dynamics (CFD)

Kinematics icon


Optics icon


Strain and stress analysis icon

Strain and stress analysis

RF simulations icon

Antennas and RF simulations

Heat transfer icon

Heat transfer

Acoustics icon


Proof-of-principle and POC prototypes

Proof-of-principle and POC prototypes

Any well-formulated academic paper of lab research, before being taken for further product engineering, has to go through basic engineering verification.

In TRL (technology readiness level) terminology, the core technology has to reach TRL-3 and TRL-4 (out of 9) and be demonstrated in a basic proof-of-concept (PoC) or proof-of-technology (PoT) prototype. Such PoCs / PoTs allow one to measure the effectiveness of a new emerging technology and create a solid foundation for advanced engineering development program.

Commercial R&D

During the last decade, EnCata has been  actively involved in more than a hundred commercial R&D projects and helped businesses to develop technologies from a lab bench to commercial application.

Our small and agile teams, led by the project managers with PhD degrees and hundreds of years of combined experience, are ready to solve your challenge, whether it is applied research, knowledge transfer or a technology waiting further tests, optimization and demonstration.

Commercial R&D
Systems design

Systems design

Setting up the goals and developing a clear picture of both the business needs, technologies and workflows is the only way to make a new product right. Understand that the plan is on the first place and then begin building!

The art of creating an entirely new product, machine or system is a science of detailed data aggregation, workflow analysis and technical concept creation. Understanding the system's purpose and its constraints allows us to come up with various conceptual solutions.

Technology development (RTD)

Academia and the corporate sectors are often working in different directions and often neither on its own push blue-sky can research towards a working technology.

We have solved this problem at EnCata, combining innovative project management techniques with interdisciplinary teams comprised of scientists, engineers, PhD students and academic researchers. This RTD approach has proven to be faster and more efficient and thus a more cost-effective approach. So why don’t you consider minimizing the risks and the cost of R&D with a reliable, agile and cost-effective partner like EnCata?

Technology scouting

Technology scouting

Technology scouting is an essential part of any R&D program. It allows you to identify opportunities, foresights as well as threats coming from technology advances. However, dedicating too much time of your R&D staff to scouting can decrease their productivity and come at a cost to your business.

EnCata utilizes its large network and relationship with currated scientiets and problem-solvers, as well as automated web and database search using searchbots.

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TRL Roadmap

Flexible engagement models in commercial R&D

Innovation development and R&D is a process with many variations and ambiguity, which is quite different from delivering a well-defined repetative routine business processes.

EnCata helps you and your team to determine the most suitable and LEAN engagement model for your project or startup. We help to define critical milestones and project stages that has to be completed so your project can move up to the next stage.

  • Time + Materials
  • Fixed price
  • Mixed Model & Milestone
  • Dedicated Team

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