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IQ Pod is an accurate dosing device that takes into account the consumption of alcohol in real time, integrates with automation systems and provides customer self-service functions in the institution.



Project duration:

10 months

IQ Pod is an accurate dosing device that takes into account the consumption of alcohol in real time, integrates with automation systems and provides customer self-service functions in the institution. There is a prototype of the device and basic software to test its performance. It is planned to finalize the type of device, expand the functionality and improve the information system of intellectual analysis and management to increase the efficiency of management processes in institutions.

Open a bar, cafe or restaurant seems a trifle. But few people know that 80% of new establishments are closed within 5 years. One of the reasons is an ineffective inventory of purchased items. Most often, an inventory of the bar is carried out after a working day, when concentration and concentration are not up to standard. As a result of errors, the volume of losses can exceed 20% per month. In addition, the time spent on inventory of the bar is paid by the owner of the bar. And if you add up the losses arising from the inventory, as well as pay the time for the inventory and multiply by a year, then the owners of the bars will be surprised at the size of the losses. Therefore, it is not surprising that bar owners are looking for ways to effectively inventory the bar and control the consumption of alcohol in the establishment.

IQ Pod is securely attached to the cork and removed only by the bartender / waiter. A bottle or several bottles with included pareres on corks are issued by the bartender to visitors. In this case, the usual position of the bottle – standing at its bottom, the mouthpiece of the cork looks at the ceiling. Alcohol is dispensed through the IQ Pod by flipping the visitor bottle upside down, mouthpiece down.

IQ Pod is a device that is designed to automate the supply of alcohol in bars, restaurants and other establishments selling bottled drinks. The device controls the process of dispensing drinks, accepting payment for them, and also controls the consumption of alcohol and provides the required statistics.

Composition of the device: electronic module for dispensing and receiving payment for drinks issued; electronic module fixing device; software and mathematics. The electronic module fixing device is a one-time plug.

The device has the following functionality:

– dosing of drinks with a fixed volume in automatic mode and timely closure of the alcohol supply channel;

– dosing of drinks at the request of the user in automatic mode through the mobile application and the timely closure of the alcohol channel when the requested volume is reached;

– Acceptance of payment for the issued amount of the drink through NFC technology (phone or payment card);

-general control over the consumption and residues of drinks in the institution;

– data transfer via Wi-Fi to a shared server;

-protection of a bottle of drink from access to the contents;

– Work offline on batteries with the ability to recharge wireless technology Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Technology benefits

1.Allows you to keep an accurate record of alcohol, conduct an automatic inventory of the bar

2.Customers get the exact amount of alcohol they paid for.

3.Allows non-cash payment

4.Allows you to view the menu of the institution through the application in the phone

5.Protects manufacturers from surrogates

If necessary, the visitor can change the volume through a mobile application. IQ Pod considers the leakage volume, locks the channel after the dose has been poured, writes the actual volume information to the cork mark, sends a signal to the server, after which the diode color returns to permanent white.

The device application has its own functionality for different types

users: bartender, functionality – with the owner, user. The widest

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