UV-peace mobile

UV lamp for complex disinfection of rooms and surfaces, air purification from viruses and bacteria.

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Mobile bactericidal installation for disinfection of rooms and surfaces; safe for operation in the presence of people.
What is UV-peace-mobile
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The product is equipped with a motion sensor that turns off the power to the unit in the presence of people, a timer for turning it on and off when it’s needed.

Due to modern design and engineering solutions, the UV lamp is very easy to move, which is convenient for the subsequent disinfection of several rooms or large areas.

UV-peace-mobile is designed for air disinfection in medical, sports, children’s, educational, industrial and other premises. It is also used for disinfecting equipment, products and packaging.
  • Productivity not less than 1200 m3 / hour (with natural air circulation, depends on the type of lamps used)
  • Design is simple and attractive
  • Lightweight design and swivel wheels with brake at the base of the irradiator greatly simplify the movement
  • Smart design and the presence of a safety cage allows transporting the installation in any type vehicles at any distance without restrictions
UV-peace-mobile working principle
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UV-peace-mobile is designed to irradiate the air environment and indoor surfaces with a direct bactericidal flow in the absence of people. The direct bactericidal flow created by the installation covers a wide area in the irradiated space.

When disinfecting surfaces, surfaces within a radius of up to 3 meters from the installation are most effectively disinfected. The installation efficiency for each particular room is determined from the calculation of 1 W of power per 1 m3 of room.

When using fans and other means of forced air exchange, the efficiency of the installation increases significantly.

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