Our contribution to the fight
against COVID-19

What Encata does best is Rapid design, development, prototyping and production of innovative products

Our goal is to contribute to the most rapid achievement of cooperation between manufacturing, engineering companies and government agencies for joint work on the creation of new medical and engineering-oriented products, the purpose of which is to save lives and restore the world to its former state.

We call up engineering companies and manufacturers to collaborate and rely on our experience and the ability to quickly create prototypes as part of joint development programs. Using the accumulated experience and production facilities around the world, we can do more together.

In the sections below, you can find solutions and developments designed to counter the pandemic:


Multifunctional gate with an innovative bactericidal disinfection system.

Gate | 0 is designed for the timely detection of disease symptoms and the prevention of the spread of viral diseases.



The first professional reusable medical respirator for protection against viruses and bacteria available to everyone.



A portable complex of a transparent pneumatic frame box and a filter-ventilation unit with the UV disinfection function.

It is used to protect office, residential and medical premises from infections, bacteria and viruses.



Face Visor face shields are ideally suited for protection against viruses, have high durability and plasticity.


Vizard-M for NVL

Mask for non-invasive ventilation, used asadditional accessories to ventilators.



UV lamp for complex disinfection of rooms and surfaces, air purification from viruses and bacteria.


Want to cooperate with EnCata or know somebody who may need help of our technology to counter COVID-19,