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With over 10+years of experience we have build the Engineering Catalyst service to help businesses to systematically innovate in the 21st century. We position ourselves as your strategic R&D and innovation development partner that provides the end-to-end services for systematic and a holistoc hi-tech product development approach.

We have perfected a holistic, transparent and economical approach for entering and executing hardware and software development utilizing the right resources blend and seamless integration into your business strategy.

We focus on the entire product/service lifecycle from the concept to its implementation:

  • Strong project management with 10+ years of experience
  • We understand your business, not just engineering
  • EnCata utilizes LEAN manufacturing and Agile development methodologies.
  • Access to new technologies
  • Technology scouting and full-cycle development service
  • Reduce your burn rate and control R&D budgets
  • Premium consultancy services on demand
  • Run technical-economical feasibilities + Technical Discovery service
  • Quality assurance (QA), maintanance and 24/7 support
  • Your partner for early stage R&D and Technology Transfer

End-to-End Service

Whether you need new technology, hardware product or software of any type – we can develop it, build it, test it and launch it for you. EnCata is a world class one-stop-shop.

Vault of Technologies

Through our network and expertise we act as your navigator in new technologies and sciences: Nanotech, Med Tech, AI, Robotics, IoT and many other.

Business in Focus

EnCata offers solutions catered to your growing needs, enabling innovation, reducing development time, lowering operational and development costs.

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We are ready to help through your technology transformation!

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Engagement development models

Time + Materials

A perfect engagement for agile product development and on-demand consultancy. T&M allows one to rapidly scale up and down your commitment

Fixed Price

Suitable for small projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. Typically little client involvement is required

Hybrid / Milestones

A sound alternative for new product development where both whole project is split into certain milestones.

Dedicated Team

Suitable for long-term engagement and full control over team composition. Thus we become the extension of your in-house team

Innovation development processes used in EnCata

  • Work FLOW principle is always in focus
  • We utilize Scrum-based approach coupled with NASA technology development framework
  • Morning standups is the necessary routine in order to excell
  • Visualized physical Kanban board for the development team and the PMs
  • Fully visualied workflow in Develelopment and Manufacturing
  • ‘Cart system’ - a one-piece-flow in prototype production
  • Fully standardized development and manufacturing process: from project management, design frameworks and component selection to documentation development
  • Continuous improvement (Kaidzen) system: standard improvement software system
  • Kanban stock and component procurement system
  • Full integration of the manufacturing workshop with the ERP and CRM system
  • ANDON system in the manufacturing workshop

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